Painted Jewelry Branch

This project was something I started last year, while I was pregnant! My son is now 8 months old. Yikes!

I wanted to display my current go-to necklaces, otherwise I tend to forget about them. Yes, having a baby that puts everything in his mouth these days also keeps me from wearing necklaces, but a cute display on our bathroom wall added a bit of creativity to the empty wall space!

So….out to the woods I went to pick out the perfect branch! My friend Ashley joined me in the adventure and brought over her favorite paint colors and we spent the evening decorating our branches.

This is a super simple and fun project. If you don’t need to display jewelry- this would also be a creative way to display/hang a few polaroids! The options are endless….get creative!


Allyson - You are lucky to have such a spacious bathroom! I love the stick idea. I saw a DIY for hanging photos similar to this & I love both. I see a summer project in my future. 🙂



Mollie Busby - I love this idea (and my hubby and I love your frozen yogurt!)! Excited to try this out and glad to have found your blog. We just moved to Whitefish and really looking forward to becoming part of the community 🙂 Thank you for your enthusiasm and beautiful photos!
—Mollie Busby

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